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GreensTone is an electronic contract manufacturing company providing one-stop electronic assembly services.Our services include PCB manufacturing, parts procurement, PCB assembly,Mechanical fabrication,Plastic molding services and box build services.We are concentrated on one-stop contract electronics manufacturing, and products life-cycle management.Since 2011,our company has successfully served customers in the United States, Australia, Western Europe and other regions of the world spanning many areas,like industrial equipments,  communication electronics,Traffic control, medical electronics, security, new energy and laser equipments, etc...


GreensTone is located in Shenzhen, China(the electronics center). This allows us to provide low-cost circuit board manufacture,low-cost plastic parts and metal components, convenient electronic components procurement, and cheap assembly services. We use local suppliers to obtain the lowest cost per part, as well as a reliable supply chain. GreensTone has it's own engineers team,this allows us to provide equvenlent components proposal to achieve cost effective and lead time optimization as well.

Company Profile
GreensTone (Shenzhen) Electronics Co. Limited

Our History

History Of Greenstone Electrical Contract Manufacturer
Sep. 2021
Sep. 2021
Dec. 2021
Dec. 2021
June. 2022
June. 2022
Oct. 2022
Oct. 2022
GreensTone (Shenzhen) Electronics Co., Ltd. set up
Intellectual property right 20pcs
Demonstrate IS09001 & l - SO14001 through 1SO quality management system and ISO environmental system
Won the title of China Hightech Enterprise
Win adward in China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
China AAA level enterprise credit rating
The company specialized refined, and new product development philosophy, and follow the road of scientific and technological progress, brand development became the vanguard of centrifuge industry in China
lntellectual property right 40pcs
Digital transformation for factory as a new target. To be continued...

Quality Assurance

High quality is a value that is important to us not only in relation to the products offered, but also to the level of services provided.

We attach great importance to the efficiency of our work, speed of order processing and the way products are stored and distributed.

This is confirmed by the following certificates granted to us:


GreensTone Electronics has integrated a structure of quality management procedures to insure that a client’s final product meets the design specifications by managing the quality of each step of the production process from supplier selection, work-in-progress inspections, final inspections and customer service. These quality management procedures include:

  • Supplier Evaluations and Audits

  • Preliminary Contract Review

  • Manufacturing Instruction Development

  • Quality Control of Materials

  • Manufacturing Process Controls

  • Final Testing and Inspections

  • Final Quality Audit

  • Customer Care Processes

Supplier Evaluations and Audits: The management of product quality begins with a quality supply chain. To verify the quality of parts, components and materials, GreensTone Electronics has assembled a quality team that evaluates its suppliers.   GreensTone’s quality management system is based on the quality and environmental processes as prescribed by the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Preliminary Contract Review: To ensure GreensTone Electronics is capable of meeting the client’s requirements, it will review and corroborate that client’s requirements. This review includes an examination of the specifications, delivery requirements, as well as other technical and business factors.

Quality Control of Materials: Prior to any incoming material entering into GreensTone’s warehouse, it tests the material using precision inspection instruments to verify the material is in satisfactory operating condition. After the materials are approved, they are entered into a material management system, which prioritizes the material in a first-in, first-out manner. This material management system has the capability of monitoring the expiration dates of materials. 

Manufacturing Process Controls:  GreensTone uses not only the manufacturing instruction (MI), but also total equipment management & maintenance, accurate work-in-progress inspections, and working instructions. For its inspection processes, GreensTone applies precision testing instruments for AOI inspections, WIP inspections, and control plans.

Final Testing and Inspections: GreensTone’s tests and inspections include physical and visual inspections, open/short tests, AOI inspections, X-ray inspection, In-Circuit tests and whole complete test.

Final Quality Audits: Using a sampling system for the final quality audit (FQA), GreensTone inspects the final products relative to the client’s specifications

and requirements. 

Customer Care Processes:GreensTone Electronics monitors the customer service and satisfaction and responds to all client feedback in a prompt manner. On occasion it will survey customers to learn about their experiences. 


GreensTone Electronics uses a variety of testing methodologies to ensure the assembled boards are functional prior to shipping. They are:

  • Basic Quality Test: visual inspection.

  • AOI Checks: tests for solder paste, 0201 components, missing components and polarity.

  • ICT (In-Circuit Test) / Functional test: according to the customer’s testing procedures.

  • Burn-in test

ESD prevention

Handle ESDS devices at static-safe workstations.

Every wokers wear grounded antistatic wrist-strap and antistatic smock.

Education and training on ESD preventive measures .

Quality Assurance Of Greenstone Electrical Contract Manufacturing

Certifications Of Greenstone Electrical Contract Manufacturing

GreensTone’s advantages

+40 Intellectual Property

+12 year EMS experience

Listed in China Hi-Tech companies

ISO 9001 & ISO14001

AAA Credit evaluation

High Quality

At the customer’s request, GreensTone always sources components from suppliers recommended by the client. We do not replace components or use a supplier that is not approved by the customer. Incoming quality control,outgoing quality control and in-process quality control. Visit our reliable network of suppliers,on-site inspection of raw material,internal audits monitor facilities,all requirements specified in writting,any changes are made through a secure approval process.

Experienced Team Work
  • We have more than 10 years of experience in contract manufacturing. When you come to work with GreensTone to start the PCB assembly/contract manufacturing project, our salespeople will get in touch with you first, the design assistant engineer will check your files including the BOM list, drawings, and components specifications. When you decide to order from us, the project manager will set up a project account for you, our assembly engineer will give you some advanced assembly suggestions before volume production. As you can see, we have at least 4-5 experts working as a team, these engineers are with backgrounds in mechanical design, testing, materials, injection for plastics, and CAD modeling.  

  • GreensTone always has good performance in complex manufacturing, we have expertise in electronics components, an expert team in plastic/metal/cable parts, an expert team in assembly&testing and an expert team in quality control. For a new complex project, running the project in sections is important. Run a project we go like this: project review--project--approval--prototype--small batches--Bulk production.

Cost Effective

We are located in the city Shenzhen(The electronics components center),China .This allows us to provide low-cost circuit board manufacturing, electronic components procurement, meter stamping,plastic mold injection and assembly services.

  • We react quickly to your changing needs. Our working time and style are flexible to meet your variable needs. To us, your requirements are our guidelines and rules to follow.

  • Whether you need design support, electronic manufacturing services, or technology expertise, we can help. And we’ll do it wherever you are in the product development process from design and manufacturing to supply chain, logistics, and packing to bring your products to market faster and more efficiently. We have expertise in mechanicals, plastics, and electronics.

  • We have the flexibility to provide support across your entire product life-cycle, including expert design collaboration, robust testing, advanced assembly capabilities, and more. No matter the volume, scale, or complexity of your products. 

Care About Your Product Security

We have:

  • Expertise in meeting UL/CE/VDE requirements

  • RoHs-compliant manufacturing process.

  • ISO9001&ISO14001 certification

Ship Info



Yes, thanks for your update on the projects status,it’s good for me to make our order plan.

—— Pablo from Spain June 20th, 2019.

Your engineer check the files very carefully,thank you for it, it helps me a lot.

—— Mark from a leading LED strips supplier in Australia Match,8th 2018.

The goods arrived very well, the packing is good, thank you.

—— Antonio from Valladolid, Spain May 25th, 2017.

We've been worked with GreensTone for many years, there is no failure.

—— Wally Nunn from Australia---a leading Pool products manufacturer July13th, 2016.

I reached out to GreensTone Electronics to manufacture the circuit boards. After a few discussions, Rebecca could see the community focus of the project and went above and beyond to reduce costs, ensure delivery and filmed elements of the production for educational purposes. Manufacturing offshore isn't as easy as it appears on the surface so it was invaluable to have Rebecca believe in the cause and be an ally in the production working toward the same goal.

—— Mic. from Australia Feb. 10th, 2015, written on his Facebook.

Yes, thank you we received the 34x LC VMS TILE 1C REV A earlier this week. The assembly quality is very good.

—— Ruth from Australia April 9th, 2014.

Thank you for taking time to check it,you are very efficient.

—— Peter Astrom from Sweden Sep 8th, 2013.

Your engineer is very clever,thanks for the help to check the file's problem.

—— Tony from Australia July 21st, 2012.

Honor Certificates

Enterprise credit evaluation certificate
Enterprise credit evaluation certificate
Specialized and new enterprises certificate
Specialized and new enterprises certificate
High tech enterprise certificate
High tech enterprise certificate
Shenzhen innovation competition
Shenzhen innovation competition
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