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Salt Water Chlorinator Contract Manufacturing

Salt Water Chlorinator Contract Manufacturing

Count on GreensTone to help you thoroughly analyze your design, materials, supply chain and processes to manufacture complex products on time and within budget.

Production for swimming pool chlorinator 

PCB manufacturing, components sourcing and give equvelent chips suggesting. Molding & Plastic Injection. Box build Assembly. Inspection Testing and Certification performance.

The chlorinator only took 6 months from research and development to mass production. From circuit boards, SMT, molds, injection molding, sheet metal, and integrated finished products assembly are all completed by self-operated factories to ensure the quality of each product.

Circuit Board Fabrication

Scope of contract

Design support, Board manufacturing, SMT mounting, parts procurement, PCB assembly, programming, inspection, Box build assembly, technical advice

Contract Electronics

Quantity: Over 100000pcs

Custom Electronic Manufacturing Services

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