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The Purpose and Composition of Printed Circuit Board

Understanding of Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Generally speaking, when we talk about circuit boards, we are referring to PCBs - boards that have completed the processing of printed circuits or printed components, including printed circuits and printed components, or circuits consisting of both types. Specifically, a complete PCB should include certain components with specific electrical functions, as well as conductive elements such as copper foil, pads, and vias that establish electrical connections between these components.

What are the Functions of Printed Circuit Board?

  • Provide mechanical support. printed circuit boards provide mechanical support for various electronic components, such as integrated circuits, etc.

  • Achieve electrical connection or insulation. PCBs achieve wiring and electrical connections between various electronic components such as integrated circuits.

  • Other functions. PCBs provide solder resist patterns for automatic assembly, as well as identification characters and shapes for component insertion, inspection, and maintenance.

What is Printed Circuit Board Composed of?

PCBs are board diagrams that connect various practical components. They are made by covering a layer of copper foil with good conductivity on a base material with very high insulation performance using a certain manufacturing process. Then, according to the specific requirements of the PCB diagram, the wire on the PCB diagram is etched on the copper foil, and the mounting locating hole and pads of the PCB are drilled out, followed by metallization treatment to realize electrical connections between pads and vias at different layers of the PCB.

  • Pads: Pads are metal holes used to install and solder component pins.

  • Vias: Vias are metallized holes used to connect the top layer, bottom layer, or intermediate layer of the conductive graph of the PCB.

  • Mounting holes: Mounting holes are mainly used to fix the PCB on the chassis, and can be made by pads.

  • Components: Components here refer to component packaging, usually composed of component appearance and pads.

  • Wires: Wires are copper foil electrical network that connect the pins of components.

  • Connectors: Connectors are a kind of component used for the connection between printed circuit boards or between printed circuit boards and other components.

  • Printed circuit board boundary: The board printed circuit boundary refers to the outer size of the board printed circuit defined in the mechanical layer and the forbidden wiring layer. The PCB is finally cut according to this shape, so the graphic on the PCB designed by the user cannot exceed this boundary.

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