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What costs are involved in PCB assembly?

Costs included in PCB assembly

1, circuit board charging. If you need a china pcb assembly manufacturer to manufacture bare PCB boards for your PCBA, then the PCB board will be the first part of the cost. the cost of the PCB board is determined by the ease of PCB manufacturing and the materials used.

2, the cost of component procurement. Usually, PCB assemblers will purchase components for customers, some customers will also specify the component suppliers, so PCBA suppliers only need to follow the BOM to get the right components, which is another important part of the assembly cost.

3, engineering cost. For small orders, the factory will charge engineering costs or setup costs, these costs are usually included in the PCB assembly costs and SMT costs.

4, the cost of the template. Stencils are necessary for PCB assembly, whether you use framed stencils or frameless stencils. Therefore, we also consider the cost of stencils when calculating the cost. Usually, framed stencils cost much more than frameless stencils, but in most cases, we use framed stencils, while frameless stencils are only used for prototyping.

5. Labor cost. Unlike surface mount technology (SMT smt pcb assembly), DIP soldering requires more labor because it is a manual soldering process, so labor costs are another aspect included in PCB assembly.

6, PCBA testing costs. Some customers require additional testing of the functionality and programming of the PCBA, which is another aspect that needs to be included in the cost of PCB assembly.

Factors affecting the cost of PCB assembly

The expected delivery time of your order will also affect your assembly costs, expedited orders will increase the cost of PCB assembly. On the one hand, the assembler needs to suspend some existing orders to focus productivity on your order, they may even require workers to work overtime to catch up with your progress, and overtime pay will certainly increase costs. On the other hand, regular shipping will waste a lot of time, so you have to choose expedited shipping to make sure you can receive your PCBA on time, but expedited shipping will bring higher cost.

Packaging cost is another factor that affects the cost of PCB assembly, different electronic components packaging will lead to different assembly costs. Some components may require more labor to complete the package. Take BGA for example, because it has to be connected to the power supply, so it takes more time and effort to complete the package. Unlike other components, the electrical pins of a BGA must be X-rayed to check for problems such as short circuits, which can add significantly to the cost of assembly.

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