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Considerations for Choosing an Electronic Manufacturing Company

Understanding China's Electronic Manufacturing Companies

As the PCB industry continues to develop and market demand explodes, only high-reliability and high-quality PCBs can meet the development needs of customers. Now there are more and more electronic manufacturing companies for PCBs in China, and the market positioning of each factory is different – some are based on production difficulty level, such as simple boards, high-difficulty boards, special boards, etc.; some are based on quantity, such as small batch, medium batch, large batch, etc.; and some PCB manufacturing companies can do it all.

Understanding the Points to Note when Choosing an Electronic Manufacturing Company

When choosing an electronic manufacturing services company, look for professional manufacturers through comprehensive comparison. Circuit boards produced by professional manufacturers are more affordable and have strong quality guarantees, so the risk is lower when choosing a company with strong PCB mass production service capabilities. Here, the following points to note when choosing an electronic manufacturing company will be detailed.

Pay attention to the range of process capabilities

When choosing an electronic manufacturing company, choose one with a wider range of process capabilities so that the process involved does not exceed the company's ability range and affect delivery time. So when choosing an electronic manufacturing company, first refer to the process requirements in detail to prevent electrical functionality from being affected due to insufficient process.

Pay attention to whether the production equipment meets the requirements

Due to the different types of circuit boards, the production requirements are quite different, and the level of equipment used is also different. When choosing a circuit board manufacturer, contact them to produce samples and select adaptable manufacturers. Try to choose a reputable circuit board manufacturer, and require the manufacturer to have high-grade equipment with high technology content and high automation degree to produce circuit boards with high accuracy and quality.

Pay attention to whether there are splicing and fork track clauses

Due to the special production of circuit boards, there is a risk of single scrapping of assembled and shipped boards. Generally, electronic manufacturing companies default that customers accept the splicing and fork track clauses, and if they do not accept, they need to communicate with the processing party. Usually, the manufacturer will charge an additional fee. Therefore, it is necessary to choose whether to accept flat panel splitting based on their own situation.

Pay attention to whether the company's products have quality guarantees (such as whether they are tested with flying needles before leaving the factory)

When choosing a company that deals with circuit boards, make sure that there is a quality supervision system, such as whether the product has been tested with flying needles before leaving the factory. This will avoid quality problems affecting the later use of circuit boards and prevent safety issues. Choose a reliable electronic manufacturing company.

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