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GreensTone’s new ERP system is officially launched on August

As the world's leading provider of cloud computing and data management solutions, Oracle has joined hands with our company to usher in new changes. After a long period of research and development and optimization, GreensTone cooperated with the Oracle ERP system, and it was officially updated and launched, bringing a more efficient, flexible and secure management experience to GreensTone and helping us achieve digital transformation.

With the continuous development of information technology, the digital transformation of enterprises has become an inevitable trend of today's era. In order to meet the management needs of the vast number of enterprise users, Oracle's newly upgraded ERP system has been officially launched recently, providing GreensTone with comprehensive and efficient information management solutions.1. Efficient upgrade, new experience After the Oracle ERP system was upgraded, major breakthroughs in data analysis, customization options, communication and collaboration, etc. were achieved through continuous optimization of the technical architecture and enhancement of functional modules. Users enjoy more advanced and personalized data analysis functions to assist us in making decisions and strategies; at the same time, the system is more flexible, allowing us to customize settings according to their own business needs, improving management efficiency and flexibility; in addition, the new Communication and collaboration functions provide more efficient and convenient working methods and liberate team productivity.2. Data security to ensure business operations Oracle's ERP system upgrade and launch not only emphasizes function upgrades, but also pays more attention to assisting GreensTone’s data security. By strengthening technical means such as data encryption, authority control and audit trail, the system provides reliable data protection measures for users, effectively prevents unauthorized access and abuse risks, and ensures the safety and reliability of  business data.3.  With a global vision and profound technical strength, Oracle provides reliable and efficient digital transformation solutions for GreensTone, and realizes the upgrading of enterprise management. 

The official update and upgrade of the Oracle ERP system was launched,  The newly upgraded system provides a more efficient, flexible and secure management experience for GreensTone, helping us realize digital transformation and create a better future together. It is believed that with the help of Oracle, the majority of GreensTone will be able to better adapt and respond to the ever-changing market environment, and achieve sustainable and stable development.


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