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One-Stop Contract Manufacturing

One-Stop Contract Manufacturing

From PCB manufacturing to final box build, GreensTone engineers can provide expert design support that meet your application requirements. Our engineers have worked with some of the most high-tech companies on a diverse variety of projects.

GreensTone can provide SMT, PTH, and mixed assembly solutions in PCB assembly. Our capabilities also include solutions for various types of plastic enclosures, cable assemblies, and sub-assemblies with simple as well as complex metal frames.In the meanwhile, we supply programming and testing support for engineering service.

Greenstone One-stop Manufacturing Capabilities

Greenstone One-stop Manufacturing Capabilities

Vertically integrated capabilities:

  • Turnkey assembly(Box build)

  • Injection Mold&stamp tooling

  • Printed circuit board assemblies(PCBA)

  • Compression molding

  • Plastic case and metal case manufacturing

  • Cable assembly

  • Enclosures assembly

  • Metal frames assembly

  • Testing fixtures

  • Accelerated life testing solutions

  • Programming and testing for engineering support

Key industry capabilities:

  • Shenzhen,China manufacturing

  • Rohs compliance

  • Expertise in meeting UL/CE requirements and securing approvals

  • Comprehensive inspection and functional testing techniques

  • Established network of reliable suppliers


Benefits from GreensTone one-stop Contract manufacturing

Benefits from GreensTone one-stop Contract manufacturing

Large range of automated tooling and testing equipment:

  • ESD and climate controlled production environment quality maintenance

  • Cost-effective assembly and shipping prices

  • Technical support services

Using GreensTone's one-stop contract manufacturing service will cut time to market while building a complete product ready for market and shelves. We have assembled products for a wide variety of industries sectors such as consumer electronics, new energy,security,medical, industrial, communications, and optics. In addition to full mechanical assembly services GreensTone can provide enclosures, functional testing, burn-in programming, package design and direct shipping to  end users.

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Yes, thanks for your update on the projects status,it’s good for me to make our order plan.

—— Pablo from Spain June 20th, 2019.

Your engineer check the files very carefully,thank you for it, it helps me a lot.

—— Mark from a leading LED strips supplier in Australia Match,8th 2018.

The goods arrived very well, the packing is good, thank you.

—— Antonio from Valladolid, Spain May 25th, 2017.

We've been worked with GreensTone for many years, there is no failure.

—— Wally Nunn from Australia---a leading Pool products manufacturer July13th, 2016.

I reached out to GreensTone Electronics to manufacture the circuit boards. After a few discussions, Rebecca could see the community focus of the project and went above and beyond to reduce costs, ensure delivery and filmed elements of the production for educational purposes. Manufacturing offshore isn't as easy as it appears on the surface so it was invaluable to have Rebecca believe in the cause and be an ally in the production working toward the same goal.

—— Mic. from Australia Feb. 10th, 2015, written on his Facebook.

Yes, thank you we received the 34x LC VMS TILE 1C REV A earlier this week. The assembly quality is very good.

—— Ruth from Australia April 9th, 2014.

Thank you for taking time to check it,you are very efficient.

—— Peter Astrom from Sweden Sep 8th, 2013.

Your engineer is very clever,thanks for the help to check the file's problem.

—— Tony from Australia July 21st, 2012.
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Applications of GreensTone's Electronic Manufacturing Service

GreensTone's Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) offers a wide array of applications across various industries. Whether you're a tech startup, an established electronics company, or any business in need of reliable electronic manufacturing, GreensTone has the capabilities to meet your specific needs. In this guide, we'll explore some key applications of GreensTone's EMS.

Consumer Electronics:

Consumer electronics are a cornerstone of modern life, encompassing devices like smartphones, tablets, wearables, and more. GreensTone's EMS plays a crucial role in manufacturing the PCBs and electronic components that power these devices. Our expertise ensures that consumer electronics are not only cutting-edge in functionality but also reliable and durable.

Automotive Industry:

The automotive industry relies heavily on electronics for vehicle control systems, infotainment, safety features, and more. GreensTone's EMS capabilities are well-suited for producing automotive electronics, adhering to stringent quality standards and safety regulations.

Industrial Automation:

Industrial automation requires precise and robust electronic components. GreensTone's EMS supports the manufacturing of control systems, sensors, and automation equipment. Our commitment to quality and reliability makes us a trusted partner in the industrial sector.

Medical Devices:

The medical device industry demands the highest levels of precision and quality. GreensTone's EMS is equipped to manufacture critical electronic components for medical devices, ensuring the accuracy and safety of these life-saving technologies.


In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, quick turnaround times and quality are paramount. GreensTone's EMS specializes in producing PCBs and electronic assemblies for telecommunications equipment, helping businesses stay connected.

Aerospace and Defense:

Aerospace and defense applications require components that can withstand extreme conditions and strict reliability standards. GreensTone's EMS capabilities are tailored to meet these demands, contributing to the success and safety of aerospace and defense systems.

Energy and Renewable Technologies:

The energy sector relies on advanced electronics for efficient power generation and distribution. GreensTone's EMS supports the development of renewable energy technologies, smart grids, and energy-efficient solutions.

Networking and IT Infrastructure:

With the ever-growing demand for network infrastructure and data centers, GreensTone's EMS is at the forefront of manufacturing components for networking equipment, routers, switches, and servers.

Custom Electronics:

GreensTone's EMS services are not limited to specific industries. We cater to custom electronics projects, accommodating unique requirements and designs across various applications.

What Are The Capabilities Of GreensTone's Electronics Manufacturing Services?

GreensTone's Electronics Manufacturing Services are marked by a wide range of capabilities that set us apart as a trusted partner in the industry. Here are some of the key capabilities that define GreensTone's EMS:

1. PCB Design and Layout:

GreensTone offers expert PCB design and layout services, ensuring that your electronic components are optimized for performance, reliability, and manufacturability.

2. Component Sourcing:

We have extensive experience in component sourcing, ensuring that you have access to a wide range of high-quality components and materials.

3. Surface Mount Technology (SMT):

GreensTone excels in SMT assembly, allowing for precise placement of small, complex components on PCBs with exceptional speed and accuracy.

4. Through-Hole Assembly:

For components that require traditional through-hole assembly, GreensTone provides manual and automated options to meet your specific needs.

5. Mixed-Technology Assembly:

We offer mixed-technology assembly solutions, combining the advantages of SMT and through-hole assembly to accommodate various component types.

6. Prototyping and Quick Turnaround:

GreensTone specializes in quick-turn PCB assembly, allowing for rapid prototyping and the speedy validation of designs.

7. Quality Control and Testing:

Our stringent quality control measures and testing protocols ensure that every electronic component meets the highest standards of reliability and functionality.

8. Customization:

GreensTone understands that each project is unique. We collaborate closely with our clients to accommodate specific design complexities, component preferences, and compliance requirements.

9. Scalability:

Whether you require a small batch of prototypes or high-volume production, GreensTone's EMS services are scalable to meet your project's requirements.

10. Compliance and Certification:

- We adhere to industry-specific compliance standards and can assist with certifications and regulatory requirements, ensuring that your electronic components meet all necessary guidelines.

11. Environmental Responsibility:

- GreensTone is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability, implementing eco-friendly practices in our manufacturing processes.

12. Cost-Effective Solutions:

- Our focus on cost-efficiency without compromising quality ensures that your electronic manufacturing projects are completed within budget.

Superior Electronic Assembly from GreensTone

GreensTone's Electronic Manufacturing Services encompass a diverse range of industries and applications, making us a versatile and reliable partner for businesses seeking high-quality electronic components. Whether you're developing cutting-edge consumer electronics, critical medical devices, or specialized industrial equipment, GreensTone's EMS capabilities are tailored to meet your needs. Our commitment to quality, customization, and environmental responsibility ensures that your electronic components are not only functional but also aligned with your goals and values. Partner with GreensTone for superior electronic assembly solutions that drive success in your industry.

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