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Box Build Assembly

Box Build Assembly

China pcb box build assembly services, known as systems integration, can be anything from a simple printed circuit board assembly housed in a small enclosure, to a cabinet housing a complex electromechanical system. Box build assembly involves everything including design, production and construction. GreensTone has more than 10 years experience in China pcb box build assembly services with small enclosures like 3P meters, EV charges, smart plugs and so on. Also has experience in small cabinet housing like salt water chlorinator, PH controller and salty tester in swimming pool.

Metal Case Manufacturing & Assembly

Metal Case Manufacturing & Assembly

GreensTone has been investing in modern automation and mechanical production, metal forming and sheet metal fabrication equipment, which allows us to produce metal components with high compliance to specifications. Our metal form and sheet metal fabrication capabilities include CNC turret punches for low volume runs without hard tooling.

Our metal manufacturing capabilities are designed for flexibility and can be customized based on order specifications and requirements. We often provide customers with quick-turn production of sheet metal parts and enclosures using our soft tooling and CNC machining processes.

Customers rely on GreensTone's mechanical engineering and production capabilities, which provide complete manufacturing of customer products. Our metal forming and sheet metal fabrication services offer great value, low cost, and unmatched reliability.

With more than 10 years in business, GreensTone has formed strong relationships with local resources. We work with vetted material suppliers and manufacturers that provide fabrication services that we do not currently offer in-house, such as die-casting, complex CNC forming and aluminum extrusion.

Our manufacturing partners and supply chain resources uphold our strict quality standards and allow us to provide complete sheet metal sourcing and metal fabrication for a variety of enclosures and assemblies. GreensTone regularly monitors all companies we do business with, ensuring their processes and quality standards meet our strict requirements. With our network of resources and efficient supply chain management, we are able to quickly respond to customer needs and maintain low costs.


Cable Assembly, Metal Parts & Plastic Parts Manufacturing and Assembly

Cable Assembly, Metal Parts & Plastic Parts Manufacturing and Assembly

GreensTone provide standard and simple wiring harness assembly, or custom wire harnesses assembly and cable assembly at shortest turnaround times. Provide plastic parts and metal parts in standard like screw, caps, connectors, sockets, spring, washer, brass connector and so on, also provide these parts in custom as customer's design.

China PCB Box Build Assembly Services

China PCB Box Build Assembly Services

BOX build assembly is a full range of assembly services, mainly used to assemble various components and parts into a complete product box. It includes the following services in contract electronics manufacturing factory GreensTone: 

  1. Design evaluation: GreensTone will assist customers to evaluate the feasibility of the design scheme, provide professional guidance and suggestions, and ensure that the product design meets the requirements and can be assembled smoothly.

  2.  Material procurement:GreensTone will be responsible for purchasing suitable assembly materials and parts according to customer needs, and ensuring that the purchased materials meet the quality requirements and specifications.

  3.  Parts assembly: According to product design drawings and customer requirements, GreensTone will carry out precise assembly of parts to ensure that the connection and cooperation between parts are accurate.

  4. Testing and debugging: After the assembly is completed, test and debug the product to ensure the normal performance and function of the product, and repair and adjust possible problems.

  5.  Quality control: Inspect and test in strict accordance with quality control standards to ensure product quality meets customer requirements and standards.

  6.  Packaging and logistics: According to customer requirements, properly package the assembled products and arrange appropriate logistics methods to ensure the safety and on-time delivery of the products. In addition to the above service content, China pcb box build assembly services can also provide customized services according to customer needs, such as carrying out product improvement and upgrading, providing after-sales support and maintenance services, etc.

Plastic Enclosure Manufacturing & Assembly

Plastic Enclosure Manufacturing & Assembly

With plastic injection molding services, GreensTone is able to provide complete product manufacturing and fabrication for our customers. We offer a range of surface finishing options and can advise on material selection and part engineering concerns.

GreensTone offers a wide array of plastic molding and finishing services, allowing us to act as a one-stop resource for low-cost plastic molding in China. We offer silk screening, pad printing, painting, and powder coating, and can provide testing and quality compliance checks on all components, including inspection with spectrophotometers.

Customers often rely on GreensTone’s expert engineering services, which provide design assistance as well as quality oversight. From molding structure, plastic material selection to detailed processes, the GreensTone team works to ensure our plastic molded parts provide reliable performance in the final application.

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Yes, thanks for your update on the projects status,it’s good for me to make our order plan.

—— Pablo from Spain June 20th, 2019.

Your engineer check the files very carefully,thank you for it, it helps me a lot.

—— Mark from a leading LED strips supplier in Australia Match,8th 2018.

The goods arrived very well, the packing is good, thank you.

—— Antonio from Valladolid, Spain May 25th, 2017.

We've been worked with GreensTone for many years, there is no failure.

—— Wally Nunn from Australia---a leading Pool products manufacturer July13th, 2016.

I reached out to GreensTone Electronics to manufacture the circuit boards. After a few discussions, Rebecca could see the community focus of the project and went above and beyond to reduce costs, ensure delivery and filmed elements of the production for educational purposes. Manufacturing offshore isn't as easy as it appears on the surface so it was invaluable to have Rebecca believe in the cause and be an ally in the production working toward the same goal.

—— Mic. from Australia Feb. 10th, 2015, written on his Facebook.

Yes, thank you we received the 34x LC VMS TILE 1C REV A earlier this week. The assembly quality is very good.

—— Ruth from Australia April 9th, 2014.

Thank you for taking time to check it,you are very efficient.

—— Peter Astrom from Sweden Sep 8th, 2013.

Your engineer is very clever,thanks for the help to check the file's problem.

—— Tony from Australia July 21st, 2012.
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Introduction to PCB Box Build Assembly

PCB Box Build Assembly, often referred to as system integration or electromechanical assembly, is a comprehensive service that goes beyond traditional PCB assembly. It involves the complete assembly and testing of electronic systems within an enclosure or housing. This all-encompassing process transforms individual components, including printed circuit boards (PCBs), into fully functional electronic devices or systems ready for deployment. In this guide, we will delve into the key components, techniques, processes, and quality control measures involved in PCB Box Build Assembly.

Components Required for PCB Box Build Assembly

PCB Box Build Assembly integrates various components to create a functional electronic system. These components may include:

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs): The central component, PCBs, serve as the foundation for mounting and interconnecting electronic components.

Enclosures or Housings: These provide physical protection, environmental shielding, and mounting points for the internal components. Enclosures come in various sizes and materials, depending on the application.

Electronic Components: These encompass a wide range of devices, including microprocessors, sensors, connectors, switches, LEDs, and more, depending on the system's functionality.

Wiring and Cabling: To interconnect components within the enclosure, wiring and cabling are essential. These include ribbon cables, harnesses, and connectors.

Power Supplies: Depending on the device's power requirements, various power supplies, such as batteries, AC adapters, or DC power supplies, may be integrated.

Displays and User Interfaces: In devices that require user interaction, displays, touchscreens, buttons, and interfaces may be included.

Cooling Systems: In systems generating heat, cooling solutions like fans or heat sinks may be part of the assembly to prevent overheating.

Mounting Hardware: This includes screws, nuts, and fasteners used to secure components within the enclosure.

PCB Box Build Assembly Techniques

China PCB Box Build Assembly Services involves a combination of techniques to ensure that the final product meets functional and quality requirements:

Mechanical Assembly: The enclosure is prepared for component placement. This includes drilling, cutting, and creating openings for connectors, displays, and other interfaces.

Component Placement: Electronic components are mounted on the PCBs, and the PCBs are secured within the enclosure. This process demands precision to ensure proper alignment and clearances.

Wiring and Interconnections: Wires, cables, and connectors are used to establish electrical connections between components. Proper routing and cable management are critical for reliability.

Power Supply Integration: Depending on the power source, power supplies are integrated, and connections are made to ensure stable and reliable power distribution.

Testing and Verification: Rigorous testing is performed to verify the functionality of the assembled system. This includes functional testing, electrical testing, and, in some cases, environmental testing.

Quality Control: Quality control measures, including inspections and audits, are implemented at various stages of assembly to identify and rectify any issues promptly.

Documentation: Thorough documentation of assembly processes, component specifications, and testing results is maintained for reference and future servicing.

What does the China PCB Box Build Assembly Services Include?

China PCB Box Build Assembly services encompass a wide range of activities to transform components into a fully functional system. These services typically include:

Design Support: Collaborating with clients to optimize the design for manufacturability, ensuring efficient assembly.

Component Sourcing: Procuring the required components, including PCBs, enclosures, electronic components, and more, while considering cost and availability.

Mechanical and Electrical Assembly: The assembly of PCBs, components, and enclosures, often requiring precise mechanical work to fit all components seamlessly.

Wiring and Cabling: Establishing electrical connections using appropriate wiring, cabling, and connectors.

Testing and Validation: Rigorous testing to ensure that the assembled system meets functional, electrical, and quality requirements.

Functional Testing: Evaluating the system's functionality to ensure it operates as intended, including software testing if applicable.

Environmental Testing: Subjecting the China pcb box build assembly services to environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and vibration to ensure reliability.

Documentation: Maintaining detailed records of assembly processes, component specifications, and testing results.

Packaging and Shipping: Preparing the final product for shipping, including packaging, labeling, and logistics.

Process Of Pcb Box Build Assembly

The process of China pcb box build assembly services can be summarized in the following steps:

Design Review: Collaborate with the client to review and optimize the design for assembly, identifying potential issues and ensuring manufacturability.

Component Procurement: Source and acquire all required components, including PCBs, enclosures, electronic components, power supplies, and peripherals.

Mechanical Preparation: Prepare the enclosure for assembly, including cutting openings for displays, interfaces, and connectors, as well as ensuring proper mounting points.

Component Placement: Mount PCBs and electronic components within the enclosure, adhering to design specifications and clearances.

Wiring and Interconnections: Establish electrical connections between components using wiring, cables, and connectors.

Power Supply Integration: Incorporate the power supply, ensuring proper voltage levels and distribution throughout the system.

Functional Testing: Conduct thorough functional testing to verify that the system operates as intended, including software testing if applicable.

Quality Control: Implement quality control measures, including inspections and audits, to identify and address any issues.

Environmental Testing (if required): Subject the assembly to environmental tests to assess its reliability under various conditions.

Documentation: Maintain comprehensive documentation of the assembly process, component specifications, testing results, and any design changes.

Packaging and Shipping: Prepare the final product for shipping, ensuring it is securely packaged, labeled, and ready for delivery to the client or end-user.

PCB Box Build Assembly Quality Control

Quality control is a critical aspect of China pcb box build assembly services to ensure that the final product meets the highest standards of performance and reliability. Quality control measures include:

Incoming Component Inspection: Thoroughly inspect and verify the quality of incoming components, including PCBs, electronic components, enclosures, and power supplies.

In-Process Inspections: Conduct inspections at various stages of assembly to identify any assembly issues, such as misalignment, loose connections, or damaged components.

Functional Testing: Perform functional testing to validate the system's operation, ensuring that all features and functions work as intended.

Environmental Testing (if required): Subject the assembly to environmental conditions to assess its performance and reliability under different scenarios.

Traceability: Maintain traceability records, including component sources, batch numbers, and assembly steps, to track the assembly process and identify any issues.

Documentation: Maintain detailed documentation of the assembly process, including component specifications, assembly procedures, and testing results.

Audit and Review: Conduct regular audits and reviews to ensure that quality control processes are consistently followed and identify opportunities for improvement.

Customer Feedback: Encourage and consider customer feedback to continuously enhance the quality of PCB Box Build Assembly services.

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