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How to save PCB assembly cost?

There are multiple factors that can affect PCB assembly costs, including surface finish, PCB size, number of layers and Via technology. Proper design of these components can help reduce costs while maintaining quality. For example, the more vias on a board, the higher the cost, and the smaller the vias, the higher the cost. Therefore, it is important for designers to carefully arrange the number and size of vias. In addition, different shapes of the board will also affect the price, generally square, rectangular such shapes than other special shapes cost less, so in the design of the PCB, if there is no need to do special shapes of the board, you can try to use the regular shape to do.

PCB assembly comprehensive bill of materials

Create a bill of materials (BOM) containing raw materials, components, assemblies and subassemblies required for PCB manufacturing and assembly is very important. An efficient BOM should contain the necessary data, such as part number, manufacturer's name, reference mark, description, quantity, packaging, footprint and comments, which can save a lot of assembly costs by placing large volume orders. Usually, PCB assemblers will provide BOM templates that you can simply fill in according to your PCBA requirements. We recommend adding component replacements to the BOM because the electronics industry is evolving rapidly with new upgrades replacing older components and it takes a long time to find replacements in the market. If you can provide the complete BOM as well as component replacement information.

Find a reliable PCB assembler

Working with a reliable PCB assembler can also save your assembly costs, a good assembler can help you reduce costs while ensuring assembly quality. But choosing the right assembler is not an easy task, here are some key considerations on how to choose a reliable PCB assembler: First, you should check their certifications to ensure that the PCB assembler's manufacturing capabilities and management practices can meet the high requirements, standards. Second, you should know what equipment they are using. The most advanced equipment can improve assembly efficiency and ensure high quality of assembly, for example, advanced SMT equipment ensures that components can be assembled with high precision. Finally, you should check whether the assembler has a good relationship with their suppliers. A stable supplier network ensures that you can get a good price and, more importantly, it ensures a stable supply of raw materials or electronic components to avoid delivery delays.

Adjusting PCB assembly order quantity and delivery time

According to the economy of scale, the more PCBAs you place, the lower the price you get. Therefore, before placing an order, it is best to make a scientific estimate of the demand for PCB assembly and understand its order volume. If the demand is high, it is best to place the order at once and not in batches. As for the delivery time, please make sure you have negotiated a specific date with the assembler. And let the supplier start the assembly as early as possible, otherwise the assembly time will be rushed and additional costs will be incurred.

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