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PCBA AOI Testing

PCBA AOI testing is a method of inspecting components and solder joints on an assembled printed circuit board (PCB) by using a high-resolution camera and professional image processing algorithms. It mainly scans the entire PCBA surface and uses computer vision technology for automated inspection to detect and identify possible defects or errors. Compared with traditional manual inspection methods, AOI testing has higher accuracy, faster speed and higher consistency. First of all, PCBA AOI test can efficiently detect whether the components are installed correctly. It precisely identifies and locates the position, orientation and polarity of components to ensure all components are correctly placed where they should be. Misalignment, tilting or flipping of any component is detected immediately, thus avoiding connection problems and functional failures due to incorrect installation. Secondly, the AOI test can also detect solder joint defects, that is, open welding, short circuit, defective welding slag, etc. of solder joints.  In the PCB assembly process, soldering is a crucial step that directly affects the performance and reliability of the product. Through AOI testing, welding defects can be found at an early stage, and can be dealt with in a timely manner, thereby avoiding problems such as performance degradation, short circuit, and electrical failure caused by poor welding. In addition, AOI testing can also detect other possible defects such as short circuits, cracks, metallic substances known as false solder joints, etc. 

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