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  • Standard delivery - air transport

  • FedEx shipping

  • UPS Express Saver shipping

  • DHL Express shipping

  • Sea cargo

NOTE! The delivery time given is only an approximation based on statistical analysis. In exceptional cases it may be extended.

In case when Standard delivery is selected, GreensTone will choose forwarding company.

Standard delivery - air transport

In case when Standard delivery is selected, GreensTone will choose forwarding company (UPS, DHL or FedEx).

Estimated delivery time – 3-5 working days.

If you pick the Advance Payment option, estimated delivery time is calculated after posting of the payment.

The cost of transport depends on the weight of the package:

Here below is a reference DHL cost:

Reference DHL Cost

Dangerous products (explosives, combustible materials, gases etc.) are excluded from Standard (air transport) delivery.

*Doesn't include Customs Duty

Air Cargo

It will be cost-effective for you to ship your goods over at least 100kgs. The transit time is around 3~10 business days.

It depends, there may be unforeseen delays in customs. The shipping cost is lower than international express, but you

have to pick up the goods nearby your airport and manage the customs clearance all by yourself. Import duties and

taxes may be imposed, but unfortunately we have no idea how much they will cost.


Sea Cargo

Ocean shipping is the most cost-effective way to ship your bulky and un-urgent orders. The shipping time varies from

15~25 business days depending on the season and destination you ship to.


Export department speaks the following languages:



You can send your inquiry to the address or just submit the message form in the website.

GreensTone sales people will get contact with you to discuss your requirements by email or online chat “Skype”.

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The price agreed in writing with an authorized GreensTone employee. The authorized sales people will send you a price quotation list after checking your engineering files. The price provided will be based on the qualities of the order and other spec. requirements. The price will be provided in USD as normal. You can ask for other currency price to the sales people.


The way of payments used in our company is:

Bank transfer

This is the way of payment given after individual negotiations with a customer. The length of transfer depends on regularity and value of orders in our company.

On each sales document placed by GreensTone there is an appropriate bank and account number to which you should transfer due sums.

Information on bank account, to which payments can be made,  are given below:

1.GreensTone HSBC Bank account:

GreensTone HSBC Bank Account

2.GreensTone CMB Wing Lung Bank account:
GreensTone CMB Wing Lung Bank account

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