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Business trip to Austalia

In order to gain a deep understanding of the needs of the Australian market and seek more opportunities for the development of our company, the CEO of GreensTone went to Australia for inspection this month. 

Here, we specifically introduce the situation of this investigation and the arrangement of the CEO in visiting customers. First of all, the expedition plan started at the end of April and  lasted for two weeks. The CEO travelled to some important cities in Australia,including Sydney,Gold coast and Brisbane. During this period, the CEO investigated the local market demand, industry trends and competition, and understand the development direction and needs of local enterprises. In addition, during his stay in Australia, the CEO  also had face-to-face communication with local customers. By visiting customers, the CEO can understand the needs and challenges of local customers, and at the same time promote our products and services through communication with customers, and expand brand awareness in the local market. 

In order to ensure the smooth progress of this customer visit, the CEO of the company has made detailed arrangements and plans.  The CEO made appointments with local customers to conduct in-depth exchanges on various related issues, listen to customers' voices, understand customer needs, and give customers appropriate solutions and suggestions. In addition, the company CEO also met with local company representatives or entrepreneurs in the same industry to exchange market trends and learn about the latest technologies and business models. During his stay in Australia, the CEO  expanded his network resources in many ways and lay a solid foundation for the company's global development. 

This trip to Australia marked a new breakthrough for our company and laid a strong foundation for our future development. I believe that the inspection and visit of the CEO will be a complete success and contribute more opportunities and wealth for the company to open up a broader market space!


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